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Spring time, Window Cleaning time!

Spring time is window cleaning time

Spring is coming! That means it is spring cleaning time! During this winter, your windows have accumulated dust, mold and pollution, they are probably in a need of clean. No one likes stain or mold on their windows but no one enjoys cleaning them either.

For the bravest of us, here are few tips to clean your windows properly.

Tip #1: Be organized. You have to start by cleaning the interior of the window and the window screen, then you can clean the window surface.

Tip #2: Only use hot water. Stain, mold and birdy poo are very resilient and will only leave if you use hot water.

Tip #3: Use the proper equipment and quality products. Basic setups won’t work.

The main difference between professional window cleaning and window cleaning by yourself resides in the fact that the final result will never be the same. With a professional window cleaning service, you can be confident that your window will shine and sparkle much longer. It will save so much of your time.

You deserve a premium professional window cleaning service

Most of the time, people find this task boring and encounter difficulties to make their windows sparkle. For this reason, Peter James company provides premium professional window cleaning services in Melbourne and all its suburbs, for all of those who want a professional high-quality window cleaning service and have no time doing this tedious duty themselves.

There is no comparison between a simple window cleaning and a professional window cleaning performed by Peter James. As professional window cleaner, we only use cutting edge technology equipment and the best quality products to make your windows shine. Our window cleaning experts are also well trained and have more than fifteen years of experience. They will clean professionally the interiors and the exteriors of your windows. In addition, your window screens and your doors will be cleaned for free.

For our streak-free results and always-competitive rates, no other window cleaning Melbourne company can beat our window cleaning services. For over fifteen years of experience, we have been washing Melbourne residential windows, we have a very professional team of window cleaners who are fully committed to our company, enjoy their work and will have respect for your property.

Need an expert? Call Peter James!

Call us now: 03 9681 7833. Our high-quality window cleaning is affordable, effective and you don’t have to do it by yourself. Make sure to schedule your window quickly, you won’t be disappointed !